Voice of Love

As we travel to different churches, we are asked many times “Where do I start?” how can I learn to hear God’s voice, and how do I begin to prophesy.  Because of this, I really wanted to have a resource for the church, something that would help build the foundations for becoming someone who can move confidently not only hearing God’s voice for others but for themselves.  

We are people of His Presences and everything we do to always comes from the desire of knowing Him more because knowing what the Father’s voice sounds like and how he speaks to us is the most important thing we need to know.

At the core of this training is not just learning how to prophesy, but also, practical tools to help you grow on your journey with Him.  Everything we do should come from our friendship with Him, that is always our first priority, building an amazing friendship and the fruit of that friendship is always increase.  Learning how God speaks to you, is core to growing in our relationship with God, and growing in the prophetic.  This course will get you started and help you on that journey.

What others have been saying about this course:

Rory Luke Neethling

The Voice of Love

It was a solid teaching!

Jean Gibson

Voice of Love course

Thank you, Rachel. I really in enjoyed your Voice of Love course. It was easy to follow and had good practical teaching on the prophetic. Worth signing up for.

What's included?

20 Videos
12 PDFs
Rachel Carroll
Rachel Carroll

About the instructor

Rachel has pursued the prophetic for 20+ years. She operates as a prophet and has spent the last couple of years developing other prophets around her.

She is passionate that everyone hears the Fathers voice, that voice of love that changes everything.


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