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I am not a Seer

After reading a dozen or more books on being a seer, I walked away thinking that I am absolutely, 100% not a seer. All of the books had a strong relationship between being a prophet and a seer which I found discouraging. My conclusion is that there is no NT gift of seeing, no office of the seer in the New Covenant and that the gift in some form is simply an extension of the gift of discernment but really it is supposed to be available and used by every member of the Body of Christ.

The New Testament contains lots of descriptions of a mystical realm. This realm and the scriptures that reference it includes trances, dreams, visions, people being transported, etc. All mystical realities that have an effect on the visible, common world. This unseen realm is available to everyone, believer and nonbeliever who have their senses trained. (Yes, you read correctly, non-believers actively participate in the unseen, mystical realm. Mohammed received his revelation through an angel, the New Age movement has some very gifted mystics in their rank. The problem with deception though is that it is very deceiving and we should be bringing Christ back to the center of mysticality reality). 

The ‘special’ nature given to the ability is very unhelpful. It makes the one who sees almost assume the role of a medium. People want to know about their angels, they want to know what you see. It risks elevating a God given ability into a higher class of Christian. I would argue that the genesis of the specialness of the ability is because we remain stuck in Old Covenant thinking where the presence of God was fleeting, the veil remained in place and access to the mystical realm was sporadic and reserved for ‘specially’ gifted individuals. In the New Covenant, the mystical unseen realm should be a normal part of our Christian life. The veil has been torn and heaven has come and is coming. 

Normalizing the mystical realm is important if we are to see growth in the ability throughout the church. I believe that God is right now about to highlight this ability in His church. There are periods of time when He seems to highlight a specific gift. At one point it was the prophetic, then healing, right now it is words of knowledge. Right around the corner is the emphasis on the revelation of the unseen realm. Our worship will be more glorious, our prayer lives will accelerate, our spiritual warfare will be more victorious, and cities and nations will see Gods plans for them like never before. However, we have some work to do.

It wasn’t that long ago that the prophetic, not to mention actual prophets, were scary things for the average pastor. What do you do with someone in your church, most likely someone who was not in leadership and was super intense, had a direct line to head office? It was pretty intimidating. Add into the mix some pretty bad training and teaching around the gift of prophecy and the office of the prophet and it is no wonder that churches kept the prophetic at arm’s length. Even some large movements who embraced the prophetic and prophets, made decisions to distance themselves and shift focus, instead of correcting, training, and learning. You can still hear some of the disdain in some leader’s remarks when they talk about only wanting ‘real prophecy, you know dates, times etc.’. But the prophetic gift and practice has come a long way. There are trainings, books, conferences, and even schools for emerging prophets! I would say when it comes to ‘seeing’ we have a long way to go. Church leaders simply have no idea what to do with the ability not to mention the seemingly strange bunch of people who seem to see and engage with the mystical realm. The answer, is to have healthy seers. (Yes, I know I don’t believe in them but like many of my counterparts, it is just a useful label, just remember, we are all supposed to be seers.) So let’s do that. Let’s embrace what God has done, removed the barrier between heaven and earth, between the seen and unseen realm, and train our people well so that they would see the Kingdom advance.

I believe I can help you do that.

What others have been saying about this course:

Sarah Langdon

A deeply generous course and mentor!

This course holds nothing back. Ian is deeply generous, experienced in the seer lifestyle and humble in all the teachings. I would recommend the course to anyone seeking to walk with the wise in this area and those hungry to discover the goodness ...

Laura Stephens

Journey Into The Mystical Realm

Ian’s course is a rare and special gem. I’ve grown in both knowledge and experience when it comes to the spirit realm. Ian brings a level of understanding and insight that I’ve not found anywhere else. The effect this course has had on my life is ...

Rosanne Novatzky

Excellent course on seeing the unseen

This course exceeded my expectations! I was fully prepared to go a little deeper in what I already knew, but not too much deeper, since I secretly suspected I had already reached the ceiling of my "seeing" abilities. I was in for a surprise. ...

Meredith Priestley

Opened a whole new realm!

This course has been instrumental in changing my thinking regarding the power that's available to me to partner with heaven to bring the kingdom here. Ian gives practical ways to learn to access the spiritual realm to see what God is doing around ...

Zachary Weinzierl

Wonderful Course

This has been an amazing community and resource. It does such a good job at pointing you in the right direction if you want to work and grow in your awareness of the Spirit realm. Love it! I've started this journey, and in no time at all I was bec...

Ivory Badea

Great investment

This course was one of the best investments I have ever made! The teachings are priceless. It is hard to find solid biblically based teachings about the spirit realm that are grounded in the finished victorious work of Jesus. Ian Carroll pours out...

joey park

LOVED LOVED LOVED this course!

I absolutely LOVED this course as it has been so transformative in my journey with the Lord! I have been reading books about seeing in the spirit and discerning of spirits but this course is much different as it has given me very practical and tan...

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